‘The Best Sunday Lunch’ is a very new addition to the world of food blogs. For this reason, and because it is a reflection of first hand experiences only, the ‘Top 10’ lists are drawn from a relatively small pool of eateries at the moment. To balance this out I decided to ask a different foodie friend each month to give us their ‘guest list’ of 10 best places to eat and thus created this page.

Most of my friends tolerate my food geekiness, & just smile indulgently when I get out my iPhone to take snaps of our meals, never really sharing my enthusiasm or appreciation for the artistry of the chef. One notable exception is my dear friend Peng (aka Dr Evelyn Ong, paediatric surgeon). She recently swapped scalpel for peeler to spend a day working in Daniel Clifford's kitchen at MidSummer House, Cambridge so during her coffee break I grabbed the chance to pin her down to a top 10 list of eateries. Peng's top 10, & she stresses they are "in no particular order" are;



Each month I invite a fellow food enthusiast to list their top ten eateries. As Network Box Marketing director, bon viveur and dear friend May Chan is visiting from Hong Kong it was too good an opportunity to miss. Here are her top ten choices, unsuprisingly her list sports a constellation of Michelin stars!

  1. Le Meurice, Paris
  2. L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon, HK
  3. Quey, Sydney
  4. Wagyu Kaiseki Den, HK
  5. Hakkasan Mayfair, London
  6. The Peninsula HK Gaddi's
  7. Krug Room, Mandarin Oriental Hotel HK
  8. The King William IV Pub, Heydon UK
  9. Golden Leaf Chinese restaurant, Conrad HK
  10. Caprice restaurant at the Four Seasons HK

Plus 10 Honorable mentions:


Jessica, another great foodie friend, loves traveling & trying different food from around the world. An academic based in Hong Kong specializing in political economy & institutional reforms in the PRC. Her choices and comments;

Le Crocodile. Very cosy, French restaurant situated in a quiet residential area. Well known to be the best French restaurant in town. Has a very good variety of dishes with their beef dishes being the best.

Simpson’s-in-the-Strand. Probably the best roast beef in town. Also carries an impressive selection of wines.

Ten-ichi. This is their main branch. Superb tempura and tempura prawn cakes. Their prawns are small to ensure that they are evenly fried to perfection. Probably still the best in Japan.

Zakuro. Well known for their shabu shabu. Many locals & those who frequent Tokyo would know this place. Very good quality beef at reasonable prices. Definitely worth a visit.

Lobster Bar & Grill. Must try dish of foie gras, beef fillet & beef brisket, yes, all in one with fresh grilled vegetables. Afterwards, clean your pallet with ice cold mango sorbet.

Island Gourmet. Good selection of tea sets, snacks, cakes & pastries. Makes very good puff pastries. Personally, I think their puff pastries are better than Patisserie Valerie. Recommend their fruit tarts which can be made to order in 1.5 pound size. Instead of boring regular cream, they use pistachio cream. They also make good mousse cakes.

Simplylife. Several branches with an impressive bakery. Intriguing variety of cakes and pastries. Recommend their lemon meringue pie (pictured). Not too sweet. The peaks of meringue are mouth watering with authentic, very lemony lemon curd.

Fook Lam Moon. Very good quality & variety of dim sum.

Fleur de Sel. Their truffle crêpes with ham & egg, and parma ham crêpes are must haves. For dessert, try the nutella crêpes with vanilla ice-cream (can choose other flavours), & the crepe with pear & crème brulee ice cream. The nutella crepe is very well made.

Dong Laishun (东来顺). Try to visit their main branch. Your Hotel concierge should know. Famous for lamb & beef hotpot. Thinly sliced, very good quality meat to go with ice cold draft beer. If you feel adventurous or are into pickled food, definitely order their pickled garlic. Goes very well with the variety of meats.